Listen to Dr Matthew Bell, EY Oceania Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader, talk to the topic of “Two degrees, or not two degrees”, with insights from NASA, Investor Group on Climate Change and The University of Sydney.

EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team actively seeks to contribute to the dialogue on climate change and the broader sustainability agenda.

In April 2017, we launched our “Let’s talk: sustainability” podcast series, with the intention of sharing knowledge and presenting latest insights from leading specialists in the know. In our first podcast “Two degrees, or not two degrees”, we talk to Gavin Schmidt (NASA), Christopher Wright (University of Sydney) and Emma Herd (Investor Group on Climate Change) about exactly what the Paris Agreement means for our economy and the future of business as we know it; and ask the all-important question: two degrees, will we even achieve it?

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About EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team

EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team help support governments and organisations as they seek to manage the risks and opportunities associated with a two degree world.

We help businesses in the areas of greenhouse gas and energy program development, green bonds assessment and assurance, climate risk and vulnerability assessments, carbon strategies, energy management and monitoring, and policy development.

Combined with our experience in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory services you’ll receive tailored service supported by global methodologies to address issues relating to your specific needs. Wherever you are in the world, EY can provide the right professionals to support you in reaching your climate change and sustainability goals.

Visit us at: www.ey.com/au/sustainability